Assisted Living Decision Guide

Essential Guide for Assisted Living, Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities

This guide takes you through all of the topics necessary for you to feel comfortable that you understand all that is necessary to pick a Denver assisted living facility.

It covers these topics:

  • What is Assisted Living?
  • You Must Have a Clear Understanding of Your Family Member’s Needs
  • Is An Assisted Living Facility Right For You?
  • Understand How the Facility Handles Increased Level of Care Needs
    • Investigate the Opportunities for Socialization and Recreation
  • Signs That a Parent or Loved One Might Need Assisted Living
  • Making the Decision to Leave Home: What You May Be Feeling
  • Tips for Making the Transition to Assisted Living Easier
  • Choosing the Right Assisted Living Facility for You
    • What to Look for in the Staff
    • What to Look for in the Residents
    • Important Assisted Living Facility Considerations
    • Is the Facility In Compliance with State and Local Licensing Requirements?
  • Pay Close Attention to the Staff and Ask Questions About Their Credentials and Training
  • Planning and Paying for an Assisted Living Facility
    • Evaluating the Costs of an Assisted Living Facility
  • Paying For an Assisted Living Facility
  • Supporting a Loved One As They Move To Assisted Living
  • Suggestions for Friends and Relatives

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